Shoe Care Tips

Follow some of these handy tips to extend the life of your shoes:

  • Use Cedar Shoe Trees
    Cedar shoes trees can extend the life of your leather shoes up to three times their expected life span. They draw moisture out of try our shoes; re-awaken the shoe’s natural structural memory; and prevent the leather from wrinkling and cracking.


  • Use a Shoe Horn
    Use a shoe horn when putting on shoes to prevent the heel collar and counter from breaking down. Never force feet into the shoes.  Shoe horns are available in our store.


  • Give Shoes a Rest
    Leather shoes should have one full day to dry out from natural foot perspiration and should not be worn on two consecutive days.


  • Add Protective Soles
    Adding a rubber sole protector prolongs the life of your shoes. Stylishly thin, this rubber top sole protects the outer sole from wear and tear. Water resistant and skid proof, protective soles will greatly increase the life of leather soled shoes.

  • Weatherproof
    The first thing to consider is that shoes should be waxed or oiled to repel water. The less water absorbed by leather, the longer it will last and the more comfortable you’ll be. Wet leather will stretch and weaken, shrinking and becoming brittle as it dries.

  • Keep Shoes Away from Direct Heat
    Always keep shoes away from direct heat to prevent the leather from drying out. Leather should always dry naturally.

  • Properly Dry Shoes 
    If your shoes get soaked, they should be dried as soon as possible with room temperature, dry air (Between 70-95 degrees Fahrenheit or 20-35 degrees Centigrade). Do not place them near a heater.  If you’re in a situation where you can’t properly dry your boots, wear them in a dry area until they can dry out a bit before you take them off.  The best technique is to ensure that dry, room temperature air can circulate inside the boots.

    If you let the boots sit in a wet condition for days without drying out, they can become moldy. This isn’t good for the boot, and mold or mildew is nearly impossible to get rid of.

  • Use a Shoe Bag for Travel
    Shoe bags prevent the soiling from getting in touch with your clothing. If you turn a shoe bag inside out, you can use it as a shoe mitt.  We stock shoe bags by Shoe Sox.

  • Salt on Shoes
    Damaging white salt marks should be rinsed off immediately with a 50/50 mixture of white distilled vinegar and water. Wipe dry, and follow the directions for wet shoes.  Have a tough salt stain?  Have us take a look!

  • Stretch Tight Shoes 
    Stretching is a very effective and an inexpensive way to enjoy your shoes. We have a range of shoe stretching machines allowing us to stretch your shoes where they hurt. Stretching is also a great relief for people who suffer from bunions or corns.  For optimal stretch, allow us 24-hours to stretch each shoe.

  • Swap Out New Heel Tips
    Many high-heeled shoes come with weak heel tips that wear down or snap off quickly.  Let us help you swap out those heel tips for something more durable and you’ll get more mileage out of them.

  • Avoid Driving in High Heels
    The pressure on your heels from driving can cause heels or shanks to weaken and break. Heels weakened at the shank are rarely repairable.  Store a spare pair of slip on flat shoes in your car to extend the life of your favorite pair of heels.