Comfort Inserts

Customize Your Comfort in Any Shoe

The Cobbler’s Bench offers high-quality over-the-counter orthotic inserts by Pedag.  Crafted in Germany, Pedag inserts are not only supportive, but also feature a high-tech fabric membrane with breathable, air-permeable pores. Many insoles use active carbon filters or nano sized silver ions to prevent the growth of bacteria and odors.

We carry full-length leather orthotic inserts, arch supports, metatarsal padding, heel cushions, ball-of-foot padding, high-quality gel padding, and more.

  • Pedag insoles function to protect your feet.
  • All Pedag orthotic insoles are designed to be anatomically correct in how they fit and support your feet.
  • Each orthotic insole is made to fit your existing shoes.
  • Heel cushions are designed to reduce shock and heel pain.
  • Forefoot pads are designed to shift weight away from the ball of the foot to relieve pain.
  • Cushioning options are designed to resolve pain radiating to ankles, knees, and hips.
  • Pedag  uses natural materials, water based adhesives, vegetable tanned leather, skin tested gels, skin tested latex, natural (no harsh chemicals) anti-bacterial and odor control.

Pedag insoles are guaranteed for 6 months against manufacturer defects.